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The Charms of Thailand
A cute selection of souvenirs

We do have a cute, small shop at our reception (lobby) area, and we also have souvenir a-la-carte menu setup in your room and here at this website so you can just select your preferred item and our happy employees will be happy to deliver the chosen product(s) to your room.

Because of high demand, we are selling many products which are available in our hotel rooms and other area of the resort.

Nok-Dee Souvernier Shop
Thai Souverniers

Beach Bag

Our high-quality and cute beach bags are our top-seller so far.
Almost all our products on sale are made-in-Thailand and we try to select all our products from small handicraft shops.

Thai Pillow


This product is of highest quality and a perfect decoration piece in any classy living or bedroom.


Some of Nook-Dee Boutique Resort Shop Items

Top Seller!

  • -- Nook-Dee Elephant
  • -- Nook-Dee Coffee Cup
  • -- Nook-Dee Bathrobes
  • -- Nook-Dee Amenity Set
  • -- Nook-Dee Umbrella
  • -- Nook-Dee Alarm Clock

Other Products

  • -- Nook-Dee Laundry Bag
  • -- Nook-Dee Shoe Bag
  • -- Nook-Dee Uniform Apron
  • -- Nook-Dee Bed runner
  • -- Nook-Dee Tissue Box
  • -- Nook-Dee Hand Fan
Thai Food Cover
Nook-Dee Bedrunner

Very Beautiful.

Our Nook-Dee Bed runner is also a top-seller and a perfect present for your friends or other family members back home.

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Thai Hand Fan

Thai Hand Fan

A cute product which is perfect for actual use or as simple decoration at your home.
Made by local people, this item is 'Very Thai'

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