Nook-Dee Deluxe Sea View Room

The Charms of Thailand
Phuket Deluxe Seaview Boutique Rooms
Our Deluxe Sea view Rooms are a great choice to stay at enchanting Nook-Dee Design & Boutique Resort, Kata Beach, Phuket
Deluxe Seaview Room Bathroom
Cute, Fun and spacious bathrooms
Charming Design  Hotel Rooms
Those Rooms are amazing, cozy and elegant
Designed deluxe hotel bathroom
Our clever designed bathrooms makes you all feel at home
Thai designed boutique rooms
Nook-Dee offer the best accommodation at Phuket
Phuket designed boutique hotel deluxe rooms
All of those hotel rooms have amazing sea view
One of the best resorts in Thailand
Enjoy your stay in one of the best resort in Thailand
Thai designed rooms
We are proud to say we are one of the best resorts in Phuket
kata deluxe seaview rooms
Phuket deluxe Bathroom
Boutique resort Room Thailand
designed mini-bar phuket
Thai resort design at its best
Phuket Resort Rooms with a view
Amazing Thailand Resort
Thai resortl design at its best

Amazing Deluxe Sea view Rooms!

As you can see at the pictures, at this room as well we did focus on a cozy Thai design to ensure our guest will feel very comfortable.
We have 25 rooms in this category and this rooms are very popular as well.

Find out what our 5-star 'Nook-Dee' Deluxe Sea view rooms have to offer. Please note that all our rooms are 'Non-Smoking'

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