Ya-Dong Pool Bar, Kata Beach

The Charms of Thailand

'Ya-Dong' is a famous herbal alcoholic drink in Thailand

Our 'Ya-Dong' Pool Bar at Nook-Dee Boutique Resort focuses on amazing ice-tea's, refreshing cocktails and mouth-watering snacks."

Kata Beach Cocktail Bar
Kata Beach Thai Food

A stunning pool with a view

Nook-Dee's Pool has been often published for being one of the most amazing pools in Thailand.

Dream at our Pool

Soft on your skin

The most modern water-treatment system for pools ensures that you will feel refreshed and amazed in our pool

Pool Menu

Naturally we focus on and extensive ice-tea menu at our pool, but we also offer all other common refreshments and cool cocktails

Ice Tea

  • -- Fresh Mango Ice Tea
  • -- Fresh Lime Ice Tea
  • -- Fresh Pineapple Ice Tea
  • -- Fresh Cantaloupe Ice Tea
  • -- Fresh Ginger Ice Tea
  • -- Fresh Mint Ice Tea

and more...

  • -- Lassi
  • -- Fruit Blends
  • -- Herb Blends
  • -- Iced Coffee Thai Style
  • -- Vienna Ice Coffee
  • -- try it out...
Thai Ice Tea
Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream with fresh mango

We strongly believe that when serving ice cream we have to serve it with fresh fruits and ingredients...

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Refrshing Organic Salad

Organic Salad With Parmesan

Amazing Salad creations, sandwiches and other finger food dominates the pool menu.

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Download PDF Roy-Dee Restaurant Menu
Download PDF Coffee & Tea Menu
Download PDF Wine List
Download PDF Cocktail and Drink
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